Sod Installation

Newly sewn grass seed can be time consuming. It can also fail to grow as intended because the roots are not established strongly enough to withstand environmental variables, such as erosion and changing temperatures. This is why installing sod is much more beneficial. Sod is pre-grown mature turfgrass that has been divided into squares for easy, instant installation. The mature roots are able to protect the grass from various of environmental conditions, and you get same-day results!

The Bushcore Professional Sod Installation Process consists of three major steps beginning with surveying the location. During this step, we will take measurements, determine the best type of sod for the area, take note of environmental conditions, and more. The second step in the process is preparing the location, which is a key step in ensuring successful installation. The area must be completely returned to dirt. Lastly, the sod will be laid utilizing a professional sod roller and then trimmed and adjusted by hand as necessary. After the process is completed, you will be given specific instructions on how to maintain proper irrigation in order to guarantee the sod’s success in its new home.

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