Erosion Control

Erosion can be extremely damaging to your property. Erosion occurs when environmental forces, such as rain and wind, force away topsoil, which can be devastating to plant life in that area. If no erosion control system is presently in place, thriving land can eventually turn into barren terrain. The most efficient way to control erosion is to attempt to restore the land to its natural state, which means planting many trees and groundcover. The roots in these plants help to hold the soil together, preventing erosion.

Bushcore Inc. is highly experienced in erosion control needs. Our expert erosion control services include: Tree Protection Fencing, Hydroseeding, Permanent and Temporary Grassing, Straw Blowing, Slope Matting, Debris Removal, DOT Type A Silt Fencing, and DOT Type C Silt Fencing.

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